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9. In principle, the  auction lots are  only handed over or shipped  fund of the purchase price and the premium paid by the buyer
              after full payment of the auction invoice. It is at the sole discre-  (including any  VAT). Further  or other claims of the buyer
              tion of the Auctioneer to hand over lots on account. Costs in-  against SINCONA AG or its employees are excluded under any
              curred abroad, such as customs duties and taxes, as well as the  legal title whatsoever.
              associated shipping costs and insurance charges, are borne solely  16. The names  of the consignor and the buyer are not normally
              by the buyer.
                                                               disclosed. The Auctioneer is entitled to exercise all rights of the
              Shipping to the  Russian Federation,  Ukraine, Belarus and Bel-  consignor against the buyer arising from the contractual relation-
              gium is expressly made subject to the recipient's own risk.  ship in its own name.
           10. The auction item remains the property of the consignor until the  17. The place of fulfillment and the exclusive place of jurisdiction is
              auction invoice has been paid in full.           Zurich 8001, Switzerland. In addition, Swiss cantonal and federal
                                                               laws apply. The auction and all related legal transactions are sub-
           11. Compliance with foreign customs and exchange regulations etc.  ject exclusively to Swiss law.
              is the responsibility of the buyer. The Auctioneer expressly dis-
              claims responsibility for any consequences that may arise from  18. Should one or  more terms of these auction conditions be or
              contravention of such regulations.               become ineffective and/or incomplete, the ineffective and/or in-
                                                               complete term shall be replaced by a legally valid term that
           12. The lots to be  auctioned are described to the best of our  comes as close as possible to the ineffective and/or incomplete
              knowledge and belief and with great care. Bidders have the op-  term. The invalidity and/or incompleteness of one term shall not
              portunity to inform themselves about the condition of the lots, in  affect the validity of the remaining terms. If the auction condi-
              person or through a representative, during the viewing days listed  tions are available in several languages, the original German text
              in the catalog.                                  shall always be authoritative for the interpretation.
              Justified complaints regarding  the condition of the auctioned               Zurich, in March 2021
              item must be received by SINCONA AG by  registered  letter.
              Claims due to disagreement about the level of conservation of a
              lot are not accepted. Lots which contain more than one piece are
              excluded from claims of any kind.
              SINCONA  AG  does not  warrant that the state of preservation
              presented in the  catalogue will be accepted  after the sale by a
              grading institute (such as PCGS or NGC) should the lot be certi-
              fied by them.
           13. The authenticity of the auction items is guaranteed. The right to
              claim warranty is granted to the  buyer only and  cannot be as-
              signed to third parties. The assertion of the warranty claim re-
              quires the buyer  to give notice of defect to SINCONA  AG  by
              registered letter immediately after discovery of the defect and the
              forged auction item must be returned to SINCONA  AG in the
              same condition as it was handed  over to the buyer, unencum-
              bered by third party claims. The buyer must, at his own expense,
              provide proof that the auction item is a forgery. SINCONA AG
              may require the buyer to seek the opinion of two independent
              experts recognized in the field, at the buyer's own expense; how-
              ever, SINCONA AG is not bound by such opinion and reserves
              the right to seek additional expert advice at its own expense.
           14. Coins and medals certified as authentic at the time of the auction
              by grading institutes (such as NGC or PCGS) and encased in so-
              called « slabs », release SINCONA AG from liability of any kind
              for authenticity in the sense of paragraph 13 above. SINCONA
              AG will also not be held liable for hidden defects of coins and
              medals covered by the slab or not recognized by the grading in-
           15. Justified claims of the buyer against SINCONA AG concerning
              the condition or falsity of the auction item are limited to the re-
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