SINCONA Collection - Part 2


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Poltina 1704, Red Mint. 13.75 g. Bitkin 996 (R) var. Severin 120 var. GM -. Diakov 96 (R3). Extremely rare mint error: unusually clear traces of overstruck. Very fine.


Poltina, overstruck on thaler (visible by the much bigger size than poltina) is extremely rare as it created much more expenses than just overstriking on a half thaler. So far the only specimen known to us with clearly identified overstruck coin.
With the expertise by the Society of Friends to the State Historical Museum, signed by I.V. Shiryakov
According to the expertise the coin is of great interest as numismatic monument.

Overstruck on a thaler of Emperor Leopold I of Austria, 1703 or 1704, Bohemia, Prague mint, mintmaster Gregor Egerer. Davenport 1007. Excessively rare and very interesting!