SINCONA British Collection - Part 5


Lot 1845


Starting price 350,000 CHF
Result 500,000 CHF

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Elizabeth II. 1952-2022. Proof 5000 Pounds 2019, Royal Mint Llantrisant. 5 kg gold. 'Una and the Lion'. From The Royal Mint collector series 'The Great Engravers'. Original design by William Wyon. Diameter: 175 mm. Unikat / Unique. NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO (NGC photo certificate). Im originaler Luxus-Präsentationsbox / In original luxury presentation box.

This colossal coin was released by The Royal Mint on November 25th, 2019, as first part of the new collector series titled 'The Great Engravers'. This series, which includes both gold and silver coins, is intended to showcase the work of celebrated artists that have made significant contributions to British coinage. Many of the original designs featured in the 'The Great Engravers' series are regarded as numismatic masterpieces.

The iconic 'Una and the Lion' design by William Wyon (1795-1851), was conceived for a gold Five Pound piece of 1839 and was inspired by Edmund Spenser's epic poem 'The Faerie Queene'. In the poem, published in 1590 in praise of Elizabeth I, Una is the personification of the 'True Church' and also representative of Truth. On her journey with the Redcrosse Knight to free her parents from a dragon, she tames a lion by her sheer beauty and honesty. The lion then travels with her both as guardian and loyal servant. Wyon masterfully depicts the princess Una as the young Queen Victoria, wearing a crown and holding an orb while gently guiding her guardian, the lion, representing England, with her sceptre. The legend DIRIGE DEUS GRESSUS MEOS, taken from Psalm 118, translates as 'May God direct my steps'. The 'Una and the Lion' is perhaps the most recognisable and desirable of all British coin types.

The 2019 'Una and the Lion series' was issued in denominations of 5000 Pounds (gold, 5 kg), 2000 Pounds (gold, 2 kg), 1000 Pounds (gold, 1 kg), 500 Pounds (gold, 5 oz), 200 Pounds (gold, 2 oz), as well as 5 Pounds (silver, 2 oz).

This breathtaking 5000 Pounds 2019 issue is unique.