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Tetradrachm c. 440 BC, (17.37 g, 2 h) Quadriga walking to left, the standing charioteer, wearing a pleated chiton, is holding reins and goad; above, Nike flying to left, crowning the horses; in exergue ketos to left. Rv. EY-PAKOZION Head of Arethusa to right, wearing hook earring and elaborate necklace; her hair is tied in a bun and held by a ribbon wound twice around her head; around, four dolphins. Boehringer 596. Rizzo pl. 38, 2 (same dies). Kraay-Hirmer 89 (same reverse die) Selten / Rare. Vorzüglich / Extremely fine. Prägung auf ausserordentlich breitem Schrötling. Vorderseitenstempel leicht korrodiert / Struck on an exceptionally broad flan. Some die rust on obverse.

From auction Leu 77, Zurich, May 2000, lot 106.

One of the most sophisticated Arethusa heads of early Classical style at Syracuse: the most minute details are rendered with great precision, from the slightly haughty expression of the young woman to the details of the elaborate coiffure and the necklace, which is a velvet ribbon embroidered with pearls bearing a central pendant.