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The Garrulus Collection of Numismatic Rarities and Masterpieces

(Ancient Greek, Medieval, and Modern Coins)



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Stater c. 380 BC, (8.05 g, 5 h) Eagle, with closed wings and head turned back, standing to left on stag's head. Rv. Tripod with three ring handles and legs ending in lion's paws; to left, ivy leaf. De Hirsch 223. Gulbenkian 127. Kraay/Hirmer 269 (this coin). SNG ANS 351-352. SNG Oxford 1511. Sehr selten / Very rare. Vorzüglich / Extremely fine. Prachtvolle Erhaltung / Magnificent condition.

From auction Leu 81, Zurich, May 2001, lot 35.
From auction Leu 45, Zurich, May 1988, lot 23.
From the W. Dressler collection, auction Leu 7, Zurich, May 1973, lot 36.
From auction Hess-Leu 9, Zurich, April 1958, lot 35.
From the C. S. Bement collection, Naville VI, Luzern, January 1923, lot 282.


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