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Stater c. 400-385 BC, (7.36 g, 6 h) Signed by E.... Head of Athena to right, wearing necklace and crested Attic helmet adorned with a figure of Skylla (she is human to the hips, but has the tail of a sea serpent and foreparts of two dogs at her waist); to right, here off flan. Rv. Bull charging to right, with lashing tail and head lowered; in exergue, river fish swimming to right. Gulbenkian 88. SNG Lloyd 476. SNG Oxford 930. SNG Lockett 482 (this coin). Selten / Rare. Fast vorzüglich / About extremely fine. Kleine Kratzer und Felder etwas geglättet / Some scratches and fields smoothed.

From auction Leu 81, Zurich May 2001, lot 27.
From auction Hess-Leu 24, Zurich, April 1964, lot 30.
From the R. C. Lockett collection, auction Glendining & Co. London, October 1955, lot 360.
From the C. S. Bement collection, auction Naville VI , Luzern, January 1923, lot 225.
From the M. P. Vlasto collection.

A remarkably detailed coin by an otherwise unknown engraver of great ability: the representation of Skylla on the obverse is one of the most attractive ever made.