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The Kian Collection - Part 2

(Hammered Persian Coins from 916 until 1295 AH)

IRAN Safavid Dynasty

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Esma'il I. 907-930 AH (1501-1524). Early Shahi 916 AH (1510), Harat Mint. 9.64 g. Album 2576. Farahbakhsh 7. cf. Rabino 77 (2 Shahi 921 AH). Selten / Rare. Vorzüglich / Extremely fine. Überdurchschnittlich gut ausgeprägt / Extraordinarily well struck. Leicht gereinigt / Lightly cleaned.

Purchased from A. Shams, Frankfurt, in 1985.

Important note:
Certain countries (among them the USA) currently impose import restrictions on coins and medals originating from what is now the present territory of Iran. To still allow collectors, dealers, museums and other interested parties who might be affected by these regulations to actively participate in the auction and acquire these magnificent pieces for their collection, SINCONA offers to store the auctioned pieces safely and covered by our insurance in our vaults until the customer specifies the shipping location or picks them up personally. This unique and exclusive service, including the specific insurance, is free of charge for our auction buyers.