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Guglielmo Gonzaga, 1550-1587 1/2 Scudo d'oro n. d. (1550-1587). MAN?M?M?F - GVLIE?DVX? Crowned, quartered arma. Rev. MARTIRIV - NON FVGI? St. Adrian standing facing in Roman officer's attire with palm frond and pillar on which S ADR. 1.67 g. CNI -. Fr.-. Unique. Almost extremely fine. Missing in the whole numismatic literature.


Ex Auction Astarte 14, Lugano, 24. 07. 2004, Lot 597.
In the middle of the 15th century mezzi scudi d'oro began to be struck in very small quantities in Northern Italy, so that all are of highest rarity. The mezzo scudo of Mantua was minted between 1550 and 1555 together with CRISTO IN CROCE (CNI 1/2), because both are very similar. Portrayed is the martyr St. Andreas, otherwise wholly unknown in the coinage of Mantua.