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ITALIEN Königreich

Lot 2036


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Vittorio Emanuele III. 1900-1946 Pattern-5 Lire 1914. R, Rome Model by Davide Calandra. Die cutter Attilio Silvio Motti. ·VITTORIO EMANVELE III RE D'ITALIA ·Bust in uniform to r., beneath D·CALANDRA·. Rev. Italia standing in quadriga with olive branch in right hand and shield in l. hand, the horses rearing to l. Above on l. PROVA/DI STAMPA, 1914 below on l., D·CALANDRA·M and A·MOTTI·INC· over ground line; in exergue between two scrolls, on the left R. Cf. Pagani 708. Gigante P28. KM 56. One of the rarest crown sized coins of the 20th century. About uncirculated.


In sealed expertise by Montenegro.
This spectacular coin had the decadrachms of Syracuse as inspiration, as well as general Roman subjects. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful coins minted in the 20th century.