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Vittorio Emanuele III. 1900-1946 5 Lire 1901. R, Rome Dies by Filippo Speranza. VITTORIO - EMANUELE III Head to r., signature of the medallist below. Rev. REGNO - D'ITALIA Crowned eagle with arms of Savoy on breast. Below: L 5 - R - 1901. 25.00 g. Pagani 706. Mont. 108. Of great rarity, only 114 specimens minted. Brilliant uncirculated. Spectacular specimen. Cabinet piece.


The original minting of the year 1901surpassed the amount of silver coinage allowed by the Latin Monetary Union for large silver coins. After a protest by France all specimens but 114 pieces were melted.
The remaining pieces were used by the king as gifts and in due course of time sold to collectors. Thus these coins were a renowned rarity from the very beginning. A letter is known in which the king wrote to one of his administrative officers, Egidio Osio: I received the first issue yesterday, this scudo will have rarity value because only a few pieces will be struck.