Numismatic Rarities

Lot 2012


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Result 13,000 CHF

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4 Ducats o. J. (nach 1711). Title Charles VI. Mint master Johann Michael Federer. Die cutter probably Johann Pichler. ÖMONETA ²­REIPVBLICÆ­ ²RATISBONENSISÖ City arms of Regensburg in a rococo cartouche. Rev. (uncertain Symbol) CAROLVS?VI?D?G? - ROM?IMP?SEMP?AVG?­ Crowned, nimbate double eagle, on its breast the crowned arms of Habsburg/Lorraine, imperial orb above. The whole surrounded by the Order of the Golden Fleece. Sword and sceptre in the talons. Below on r. mintmark wing (Johann Michael Federer). 13.79 g. Plato -. Beckenbauer 306, IV. Fr. 2495. Extremely rare. Extremely fine. Rim has been overworked.