Numismatic Rarities

Lot 2011


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Reichsguldiner 1595. Title Rudolph II. (small floriated cross) MONETA (Rosette) ARGENTEA (Rosette) REIPVB (Rosette) NVRENBERG The three Nürnberg shields of arms between 15 - 95. Rev. ?(Rosette) RVDOLPH (Rosette) II? ROM (Rosette) IMPE ? AVGVSTVS (Rosette) Acorn. Crowned double eagle with imperial orb on breast, therein value 60. 24.45 g. Imhof S. 545, 78. Kellner 146 (Information von Imhof übernommen), Dav. Appendix A 10038. Of the highest rarity. Unique. Good extremely fine.


Numismatic literature contains every now and then the description of a coin taken over from old sources. However there are no known examples to be found - reported but not confirmed. In Imhof (Collection of a Nürnberg Coin Cabinet 1780-1782), a Reichsguldiner of 1595 is described. This coin was in no museum, in no other collection, and not in the trade until it turned up in the Auction Gradl 59, Nürnberg.
It is possible to set up the assumption that it is a sort of pattern, perhaps for a hoped-for imperial visit. In any case it is a unique piece and a numismatic object of the first order.