Numismatic Rarities

Lot 2008


Starting price 8,000 CHF
Result 8,500 CHF

This lot is not available for purchase anymore.


Karl Theodor, 1777-1799 Ducat 1780. München Inngold-ducat. Dies by Johann Heinrich Straub. CAR. THEODOR. D. G. C. P. R. V. B. D. S. R. I. A. & EL. D. I. C. & M. Bust with hair tied behind neck, below the medallists initials ST. Rev. EX AURO - OENI. God of the River Inn reclining 3/4 to right, in r. hand emptying a water urn, in the l. hand holding the Bavarian shield of arms on his knee. In the exergue the date in Roman numerals MDCCLXXX. 3.48 g. Hahn 354. Wittelsbach 2331. Fr. 251. Good extremely fine.