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Lot 2007


Starting price 6,000 CHF
Result 7,750 CHF

This lot is not available for purchase anymore.


Christian V. 1670-1699 Ducat 1699. Copenhagen Armoured bust with cloak and Order of the Elephant. Rev. Sailing ship in harbour of Christiansborg (Accra in Ghana). 3.46 g. Hede 53. Fr. 170. Very rare. Extremely fine to uncirculated.


The reverse shows a ship before Fort Christiansborg in the present day city of Accra, capital of Ghana. The fort had a history of diverse owners. It changed hands from Portuguese to Swedish to native to Danish and to British ownership. Finally it became part of independent Ghana's capital - Accra.
Even though these ship ducats were often made of gold mined or bought in Guinea, it is not possible to ascertain whether this issue was struck from African gold or from gold held in the Copenhagen mint.