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IRAN Fath 'Ali Shah, 1212-1250 AH (1797-1834)

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Fath 'Ali Shah, 1212-1250 AH (1797-1834). Pattern Kran or Medal in gold 1244 AH (1828 AD), 4.65 g. Dies by W. Bain. Struck in Great Britain. Coat of Arms. Rv. Persian script. Reeded edge. Excessively rare, only two known specimens in gold, this is the only example in private hands. NGC PF65 CAMEO. Cabinet piece in brilliant condition.

From the Kian collection, auction SINCONA 49, October 2018, lot 1.
From auction Baldwin's Dubai 2, March, 2000, lot 548.
Originally from a collection started and assembled in the early 1940s by an English industrialist from Leeds.

Finest certified by NGC.

In 1808, the British envoy Sir Harford Jones was given a mission by the King George III to negotiate a treaty of alliance between Persia and Great Britain. A preliminary agreement was concluded in March 1809 and the definitive treaty was eventually signed on 25 November 1814. By the terms of this important document, which was specially declared to be defensive, all alliances between Persia and European nations hostile to Great Britain were made null and void, and all European armies were to be prevented from entering Persia, if hostile to Great Britain. In 1828 the British Minister, Sir John Macdonald renegotiated and modified some terms of this treaty, and it is reported that on this occasion these medals in gold and silver were offered to the dignitaries of the court.

Important note:
Certain countries (among them the USA) currently impose import restrictions on coins and medals originating from what is now the present territory of Iran. To still allow collectors, dealers, museums and other interested parties who might be affected by these regulations to actively participate in the auction and acquire these magnificent pieces for their collection, SINCONA offers to store the auctioned pieces safely and covered by our insurance in our vaults until the customer specifies the shipping location or picks them up personally. This unique and exclusive service, including the specific insurance, is free of charge for our auction buyers.