Russische Münzen und Medaillen

RUSSLAND Kaiserreich und Föderation


Startpreis 135’000 CHF
Zuschlag 180’000 CHF

Dieses Los steht nicht mehr zum Verkauf.


10 Zlotych Polskich 1827, Warsaw Mint, IB. 31.24 g. Mintage for Poland. Bitkin 983 (R4). Excessively rare. 75 roubles according to Petrov. 200 roubles according to Ilyin. NGC AU53. Attractively toned.

From the Soedermann Collection, auction SINCONA 19, Zurich, October 2014, lot 687 (price realized: CHF 325,000).

GM considered this coin as a pattern and knew only 2 pieces of a standard weight: his own and in the collection of Tolstoy.

With the expertise by the Society of Friends to the State Historical Museum, signed by I.V. Shiryakov.
According to the expertise the coin is "of very great interest as numismatic monument".