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Silver medal 1714, 50.37 g. On the Naval Victory at Gangut on July 27th. Dies by T. Ivanov. Laureate and armored bust to right in a mantle. Rv. Victory holding a laurel wreath and a trident, view of naval battle on a background. 47.2 mm. Diakov 47.18 (R2). Good extremely fine. Nicely toned.

The Battle of Gangut took place on 27 July 1714 during the Great Northern War (1700–1721), in the waters of Riilahti Bay, north of the Hanko Peninsula, near the site of the modern-day city of Hanko, Finland, between the Swedish Navy and Imperial Russian Navy. It was the first important victory of the Russian fleet in its history. It is commemorated in Russia as one of the Days of Military Honour.