Russische Münzen und Medaillen

RUSSLAND Kaiserreich und Föderation


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Silver medal 1711, 28.81 g. On the marriage of Tsarevitch Alexey and Princess Charlotta of Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel on October 25th. Unsigned. A man resting under a tree, five angels climbing a ladder to the clouds in the background. Rv. Inscription. 44.6 mm. Diakov 41.2 (R3). Rare. Very fine. Slightly tooled.

Charlotte Christine Sophie, third daughter of Duke Ludwig Rudolf and his wife Christine Louise of Oettingen. Born on August 28th, 1694. Married to Tsarevitch Alexey Petrovitch, son of Tsar Peter I. Died on November 1st, 1715, on the consequences of the abuse by her husband.