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Rouble 1705, Kadashevsky Mint, MD. 27.98 g. Diakov 187 (R3). Bitkin 183 (R2). Extremely rare. 25 roubles according to Petrov. NGC XF Details. Obverse slightly tooled.

From the Soedermann Collection, auction SINCONA 19, Zurich, October 2014, lot 1204 (price realized: CHF 60,000).

With the expertise by "Russian Numismatic House Ltd", signed by V.Y.Gazanchidis.

This rouble belongs to the group of the rarest roubles of Peter I, the so-called "in a circle" type. This piece was struck on a broad (trial?) planchet. Its details surpass the other two known "in a circle"-roubles, one in the collections of Hermitage and the other one in the State Historical Museum in Moscow. The latter piece was struck on a smaller planchet practically without the circle-details.
This excessively rare rouble possibly represents a transitional type from the trial roubles minted in a ring abroad, allegedly in Nuremberg and the regular striking. Our specimen is struck with fresher dies than the two other known roubles. This fact, together with the broad planchet allows us to think with even more confidence about the possibility of being a pattern coin.