Russische Münzen und Medaillen

RUSSIA Russian Empire and Federation


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Bronze medal 1696, 50.13 g. On the capture of Azov on July 18th. Dies by S. Yudin. Facing laureate and armored bust. Rv. View of the city and fortress of Azov bombarded from sea and shore by the Russian fleet. Probably struck in the 19th century. 50.7 mm. Diakov 5.2. Rare. Extremely fine. Tiny scratches.

Located on the Don River, not far from its mouth into the Sea of Azov, Azov had been in Ottoman possession since 1471. In July 1696, Tsar Peter conquered the strategically important city but had to return it to the Ottomans in 1711. In 1736, Azov was again conquered by the Russians and from 1739 it remained definitively part of the Russian Empire.