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SICILY. Leontinoi. Tetradrachm shortly after 480 BC. Dies by the Demareteion Master. Slow quadriga to right, Nike crowning the standing driver who holds branch in right hand, in exergue a lion running to right Rv. ΛΕΟ - ΝΤΙΝ - Ο - Ν Head of Apollo to right wearing laurel wreath, his hair is combed over the forehead and tied in back of head, below the head, a lion running to right, three laurel leaves in field. 17.28 g. Rizzo Pl. 22, 14 (= Hirmer 19 and pl. 6 below: identical dies). Chantraine Pl. 1, 5. Ross Holloway Pl. 1, 4. Schwabacher Pl. 6 middle. SNG ANS 217. SNG München 549. Of the highest rarity. Nice old patina and fine style. Good very fine. (~€ 26315/USD 30305) Ex auction Hess/Leu 31, Lucerne December 6, 1966, and ex auction Naville-Ars Classica 15, 1930, lot 291, and ex Gutekunst Collection, auction Jacob Hirsch 1912, lot 163. C. M. Kraay, Kraay-Hirmer, Greek Coins (1966) p. 88. suggests as date of the Demareteion issues the year 466, when the tyrants were driven from Syracuse.