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ROMAN EMPIRE. Theodosius I. 379-395. For Aelia Flaccila. Solidus 383-387, Constantinople. AEL FLAC - CILLA AVG. AEL FLAC - CILLA AVG Draped bust right, wearing elaborate headdress, necklace and mantle. Rv. SALVS REI -PVBLICAE B / CONOB. Victory seated right on throne writing Christogram on shield held on small column. 4.47 g. Cohen 1. RIC 72. Depeyrot 40/1. Of the highest rarity. Cabinet piece with nice mint luster. Extremely fine-uncirculated. (~€ 35090/USD 40405) Aelia Flacilla was the first wife of Theodosius I and the mother of Emperors Arcadius and Honorius. She died in 386.