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SINCONA Auction 37  -  16.05.2017 09:00
The Placidia Collection: Coins of Eastern Rome and the Byzantine Empire

Lot 6
Solidus 403-408. Officina Θ.
Obv. DN ARCADI - VS PF AVG Pearl-diademed, helmeted and cuirassed bust facing ¾, holding spear over r. shoulder and and shield ornamented with horseman device on l. shoulder.
Rev. NOVA SPES REIPVBLICAE Θ Victory seated r. on cuirass, inscribing XX/XXX on shield resting on her l. knee, in l. field star and in exergue CONOB.
RIC X 29. LRC 250. Depeyrot 57/1.
4.52 g. Rare. About extremely fine.
Ex Auction Münzzentrum. Cologne, April 1977. Lot 518.
Ex Auction Kricheldorf. Stuttgart, September 1963. Lot 348.
; COINAGE OF THE EASTERN ROMAN EMPIRE; ARCADIUS, 383-408; Mint of Constantinopolis
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