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SINCONA Auction 37  -  16.05.2017 09:00
The Placidia Collection: Coins of Eastern Rome and the Byzantine Empire

Lot 1
Solidus 384. Officina Θ.
Obv. DN ARCADI - VS PF AVG Juvenile bust, draped and cuirassed to r., with rosette diadem.
Rv. CONCORDI - A AVGGGG Θ Constantinople seated facing, head r., holding long sceptre and globus, r. foot on prow. CONOB in exergue.
RIC IX 46g4. LRC 2.
4.46 g. Rare. Tiny scratches. About extremely fine.
Ex Auction Münzzentrum. Cologne, April 1977, Lot 505.
Ex Auction Kress 126. Munich, 1963, Lot 1977.
; COINAGE OF THE EASTERN ROMAN EMPIRE; ARCADIUS, 383-408; Mint of Constantinopolis
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