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SINCONA Auction 12  -  14.10.2013 10:00
SINCONA Collection - Part 2

Lot 4
Poltina 1702, Kadashevsky Mint. 13,96 g. Bitkin 520 (R3). Severin 64. GM 7,4. Diakov 41 (R3). Extremely rare!! 25+ roubles according to Petrov! 20 roubles according to Trapeznikov! Minor planchet defect, otherwise attractive very fine.

With the expertise by the Society of Friends to the State Historical Museum, signed by I.V. Shiryakov.
According to the expertise the coin is of great interest as numismatic monument.
Collectors note: R. Rare in GM. Ljubomudrov #4 80 roubles. No illustration.

*) Important note: Bidding on this lot requires an enhanced due diligence. Please consult the conditions of sale !
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